Virtual Assistance

Much of the work that I do can be accomplished “virtually.” For the more Internet fluent client, I am known as a “Virtual Paralegal, Virtual Legal Secretary, Virtual Executive Assistant and  Virtual Legal Assistant.” The term “virtual” relates to a growing support system that enables me to perform most of my services for you “virtually”, i.e. – online, via email and the Internet as well as a combination of traditional pick-up and drop-off projects for the local client.  For clients that are out of State most of your work is done “Virtually.”

The Virtual Assistance portion of my services can be utilized solely virtual or clients may use a combination of dictation, U.S. Mail, Express Mail, Facsimile, or pick-up/drop-off to accomplish any given assignment.

For example, to use the Virtual Assistance portion, clients can email/mail/fax assignment instructions complete with all necessary information; mail a dictation tape; digital dication, mail a file with instructions; mail/email or fax a letter with instructions, etc., and I will perform the work and send the documents to them in draft via email. The work, once reviewed, will be put in final and sent out per instruction or the client can send out the final work product.

Some clients prefer a more traditional approach to business. They wish to have their work picked up and dropped off in person – and that is encouraged as well!  Obviously, the Real Time benefits and work achievements are best when, at the least, a mixture of Virtual convenience is tied in with traditional business practices.  Whichever way you prefer, I provide a high quality service to small firms, sole practitioners, large firms, business clients and now State and Federal government agencies and their contractors.

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