Why Paralegal

Here’s a few reasons…

I possess top-notch legal skills, administrative skills and am extremely detail-oriented. My professional name is going on the work I perform for you and I am committed to paralleling my good name with superior work quality.

You gain a top- notch Paralegal, Legal Secretary and Virtual Legal Assistant for your legal team! You can use my services for short term, long term or on a continual basis and be assured knowing that you have top notch legal support staff right at your disposal.


Business clients will benefit from my services by gaining a top-notch Executive Assistant, Virtual Support Assistant and Administrative Support Assistant which include performing a wide-range of duties.  State and Federal government agencies and their contractors can view my General Capability Statement to see what services I offer to support their needs.


My skills are sharp and second to none and will assist my legal and non-legal clients expeditiously.

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